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Vertical Garden Maintenance​

VIRID Maintenance Service Options

Vertical gardens are inherently low maintenance, however to keep your vertical garden looking great in all seasons,
VIRID provides plant maintenance service options to help ensure your plants stay healthy and thrive.

  • Ongoing monthly maintenance plans (paid annually):
    $69 per month – 90 minutes.
    *With this program we guarantee all our plants. (Subject to plants and installation managed by VIRID Vertical Gardens).
  • One-off visit when you feel it’s time for your vertical garden to have the professional treatment:
    $89 – per single visit – 90 minutes.

Our maintenance service Includes:

  • Testing & adjustment of irrigation system.
  • Trimming and removal of shredded foliage.
  • Application of our certified organic probiotic fertiliser.
  • Pest management with our certified organic and eco-friendly products.

Talk to us about our maintenance options and feel confident in your decision to install a VIRID Vertical Garden.

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VIRID Maintenance Products

VIRID probiotics for plants, biofertiliser and eco-friendly pesticides.
All our products are organically certified and meet INTERNATIONAL ECOCERT STANDARDS

Stabilised Ortho Silicic Acid (OSA Formulation) Makes your VIRID Vertical Garden Shine
Available 100 ml bottle $13.50 (100 mls OSA mixed with water makes 100 litres for spraying plants).

  • Optimises crop nutrition status
  • Improves nutritional value of produce in plants
  • Residue Free
  • Alleviates abiotic & biotic stress of plants
  • OSA reduces pest incidence by strengthening the plant cell wall
  • Reduces pathogenic disease incidence by restricting mycelium growth on plant leaves
DIRECTIONS: Apply one drop per litre – sprayed on the leaf and soil.
Safe for humans, ferns and other sensitive plants and. Apply to leaves and roots of the plant.

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