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VIRID Vertical Gardens create unique and beautiful vertical gardens for residential and commercial spaces. With more than 50 years of vertical garden design experience behind us, we create personalised vertical gardens that blend seamlessly into your space. Contact us today and let our team assess your space and design a vertical garden for your home, office, or public or commercial space. For a free quote and consultation, call now on 03 9682 6539.

Why Choose a VIRID Vertical Garden

Using our patented VIRID vertical garden system we can design vertical gardens that go beyond what is typically possible with wall gardens. With their unique honeycomb design, our vertical garden panels can be rotated in almost any direction. It’s this same honeycomb design that allows the panels to aesthetically blend in to the plant cover, creating a fuller overall look. You have complete control over how much plant coverage there is, and we can tailor your vertical garden to your needs. If you’re looking to put a vertical garden in your living room, we can choose plants that blend with your design. For your kitchen, we have a range of vegetables and herbs we can use to create a beautiful and tasty display. Discuss your needs with our team and let us design a system for you to that meets your needs.
vertical garden designs
vertical gardens design

Organic and Intelligent Vertical Garden Design

All the plants we use in our vertical gardens are grown in our nursery in Melbourne using all organic and natural methods. We want to make sure the vertical garden that is going into your space is grown healthy and is healthy for you. This means no chemical pesticides or fertilisers, and strong, durable systems that will last for years. Our systems are designed to be tough and versatile, with a powder-coated aluminium base that is light, rust-proof and fire-resistant. It’s these panels that also allow us to install vertical gardens almost anywhere, requiring little support and no preparation, such as waterproofing. Their design allows air to circulate the system and stops water from spilling, improving plant growth and preventing damage to your property. In fact, VIRID systems are up to 92% more water-efficient than regular gardens and are far lower maintenance.

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Options to Suit Every Need


As well as our standard decorative vertical gardens, we have a range of other options available. Our food walls are ideal for your indoor or outdoor kitchen, growing fresh and healthy vegetables to use right when you need them. Alternatively, if you need a custom-designed vertical garden to attract customers or create an interesting and engaging space, we offer vertical garden rentals, complete with installation and maintenance. And if you’re looking to get a vertical garden but don’t have the wall space, we can create a custom freestanding vertical garden you can place anywhere.

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If you’re looking to get a custom vertical garden designed for your home or business, sit down with the VIRID team today and let us create one that meets your needs. Our team can visit your property for a site assessment and plan out your vertical garden’s design based on your needs, your style and the existing design of the location. Book a consultation with our vertical garden designers and get a free quote for your new vertical garden today.

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