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succulent virid gardens

Succulent Vertical Gardens

VIRID Succulent Vertical Garden – A New Dimension The VIRID Succulent Vertical Garden provides a unique opportunity to create smaller bespoke vertical gardens. We have a range of frame sizes starting from $69.00 which contains 6 pots including succulents. Succulent Vertical Gardens take up less room than our Decorative Vertical Gardens as they only use a 10 cm pot size compared to our standard 20 cm decorative vertical garden pot. These succulent vertical garden frames can be easily installed in groups, or as single frames to create the perfect sized bespoke vertical garden for your space. This also allows you to start small and add additional frames over time. Succulent Vertical Gardens can be installed on their own or integrated into the entire VIRID Vertical Garden design.
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Succulent Vertical Gardens are:
  • Hardy
  • Colourful
  • Lightweight and easy to install.
  • Low water requirement – only requires watering once a fortnight.
  • The different size frames form a montage of colour.
  • The long drooping nature of succulents allows for full wall coverage.
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Irrigation systems are now available for Succulent Vertical Gardens.
succulent virid garden irrigation
succulent virid garden irrigation side view

We grow a full range of succulents, providing a great selection to choose from.

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DIY kits available for purchase from our online shop or visit our showroom to discuss your ideas and requirements.

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