We specialise in designing and installing custom interior and exterior vertical gardens.

Bringing nature to you.

How it works

Our system is modular and scalable. From a small 5 pod home heard and vegetable growing solution, to a full-scale commercial project, the VGSM system can adapt to meet your contemporary lifestyle or project requirements.
Vertical Gardens Services

We work with you.

We work with you to make sure we provide a specialised personal service. And when we’ve agreed what’s right for you, our skilled installation team will install the garden and ensure all aspects of the garden are fully functional
Planning & Design

We begin by working with you to design and plan your ideal garden.

Plant Selection

Each plant is then carefully selected according to its environment by our highly trained team


Our skilled team will install the garden and ensure all aspects of the garden are fully functional.

improve your home


Whether you are moving into a new home or making your existing one more splendid, we have the perfect vertical screen or garden to suit your individual style, taste and budget. 
  • High-rise apartments (balconies)
  • Domestic packages
  • Custom designed and installed systems
  • Maintenance
builders first choice


We have worked on a wide range of commercial projects.
Below are some examples of the commercial services we offer.
  • multi-residential
  • rooftops
  • hotels, leisure & hospitality
  • green walls
  • office & shop fit-outs
  • foyers
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expert plant care

Our Plants

  • All our plants are organically grown and maintained in our 3,000m2 hot-house facility. This ensures a high-quality product with endless variety.
  • Each plant is carefully selected according to its environment, access to sunlight and shade, location, inland, coastal, protection from wind, excessive heat and cold etc.
  • This means total confidence from customers that the chosen plants will continue to grow and offer a great display whatever the environment.

Vertical Garden Maintenance

Our highly trained team provide expert maintenance and care for your vertical garden.
This service is free for the first three months after installation and with ongoing maintenance packages starting from $69 a month.

Experience living architecture with Virid Vertical Gardens