VIRID Decorative Indoor or Outdoor Vertical Gardens​

A vertical wall garden is a great addition to any indoor or outdoor space. Create an incredible feature wall for your outdoor entertaining area, a convenient and interesting kitchen garden or even an eye-catching display for your living room. VIRID vertical gardens are made right here in Australia and backed by more than 50 years of experience in organics and vertical garden design. If you’re looking for a custom vertical garden, our team can design and install a system for your home or business. We also have a range of DIY systems available, delivered ready to install and use. Call us or fill in the form below today for a free quote.

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Innovative and Unique Vertical Wall Garden Design

VIRID Vertical Wall Gardens are designed to be an all in one system, needing nothing else beyond what they come with to work and look great. Their unique design allows them to be installed anywhere, and a specialised irrigation system stops water from leaking or being wasted. They’re perfect for enclosed areas where water can be a problem, whether that’s inside or out. Our patented honeycomb design creates a full and appealing aesthetic, allowing you to display as many or as few plants as you want with great results. And for your peace of mind, each of our frames and systems comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Installations and Maintenance Services

When you choose to get a custom VIRID vertical wall garden for your home or business we want you to be able to enjoy it for years to come. Our team will assess your needs and professionally install your system to ensure it lasts. Choose the plants yourself from our greenhouse when you order, or let our expert horticulturalists choose for you and deliver an impressive, curated look. VIRID systems are light and can be installed on any wall, or even on glass. While our vertical wall garden systems are inherently low maintenance, your plants are alive and require a bit of attention from time to time. For commercial and residential custom installations, we offer both one-off maintenance visits as well as ongoing monthly maintenance plans. Your plant’s requirements for water and care will vary from season to season. During our maintenance visit we test and adjust the automatic irrigation system and remove shedded foliage, which occurs as a natural process over time. We also treat any pests with certified organic pesticides, and feed your plants with our organic probiotic fertiliser. Our ongoing, monthly maintenance plan ensures your plants stay healthy and thrive throughout the year. This plan comes with our plant guarantee, meaning any plants that cannot be restored to full health via the above measures will be covered in your maintenance service at no extra cost to you.


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