Vertical gardens are inherently low maintenance, however to keep your vertical garden looking great in all seasons, VIRID provides plant maintenance service options to help ensure your plants stay healthy and thrive.

- Premium monthly maintenance plans (paid annually):
Start at $200 per month – up to 90 minutes.
*With this program we guarantee all our plants. (Subject to plants and installation managed by VIRID Vertical Gardens).

- One-off visit when you feel it’s time for your vertical garden to have the professional treatment starting at $200 – per single visit – up to 60 minutes*

Our maintenance service Includes:
- Testing & adjustment of irrigation system.
- Trimming and removal of shredded foliage.
- Application of our certified organic probiotic fertiliser.
- Pest management with our certified organic and eco-friendly products.
- Talk to us about our maintenance options and feel confident in your decision to install a VIRID Vertical Garden.

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