Terms And Conditions

Refunds & Returns

VIRID Vertical Gardens does not accept refunds or returns for purchases unless there is a manufacturing defect or the item doesn’t match the description when purchased.

Postage & Freight

Shipping costs will be calculated based on location of the delivery and will show prior to purchase in the shopping cart. VIRID Vertical Garden takes no responsibility for damage to goods in transit. VIRID Vertical Gardens uses 3rd party postage & freight companies & takes all actions appropriate to ensure goods arrive at their end destination without such damage.


VIRID Vertical Gardens takes no responsibility for damage caused by negligent, Incorrect or Unsafe installation of VIRID Vertical Garden. VIRID Vertical Garden must be installed on a vertical surface that can safely hold the weight of the modules and Plants. Wall fixtures that we supply must be used and be fixed securely to hold the weight of filled modules.


All transactions are processed in Australian dollars.


Customer service means everything to us here at VIRID Vertical Gardens and we are confident you will be thrilled with the result of your purchase. Customers are responsible for their order unless the product is defective or an error has occurred filling the order. VIRID Vertical Gardens does not permit the exchange products upon acceptance of an order. We do cover warranty based on items below:

Pots: 7 yearsIrrigation components, including pump: Based on the manufactures warranty which is 12 months.VIRID Aluminium frames: 10 years (there is no warranty on the paint).

The document submitted represents a contract between you (client) and VIRID Vertical Gardens. Unless alterations are specifically agreed to in writing by the director of VIRID Vertical Gardens, the whole of the submission shall be deemed to be included in any order issued by the Client and shall form part of any contract entered into as a result of, or following this submission and shall take precedence over any other condition, including a condition that implies negation of this condition, other than as included elsewhere in VIRID Vertical Gardens’ submission. Any alterations & additional requirements (plus margin) shall be at the Client’s cost. This page is subordinate to the remainder of the submission.

Period of Validity

Prices and rates on the quote are firm for only 30 days after the quote is created.

Goods and Services tax

GST will be included in the prices and rates.


Unless otherwise stated, 50% non-refundable of the total price is payable on acceptance of quotes.

Terms of payment

In case of installation of a Vertical Garden or other goods, the final balance is paid on or within 1 days of service completed, or in advance. If not cleared in one day, this is then considered to be arrears. All goods remain the property of VIRID Vertical Gardens until paid in full.

For the 12-visit maintenance service plan, payment in full is required in advance of the period of service, unless different arrangements.


VIRID Vertical Gardens offers a 10 - year structural guarantee ( frames), when the installation has been done by VIRID Vertical Gardens, and 7 - years for all our range of pots.

As professionals in plants, the advice given for the ornamental plants to be used in your vertical garden is based on the conditions of the area where the garden will be installed, if the plants picked out by the customer are not among the options given by the professional VIRID Vertical Gardens will not guarantee plants at any stage.

Other devices such as pumps and electronic timers are not guaranteed by VIRID under any circumstances

If the irrigation timer or water tab to the irrigation system connected, is modified at any time by someone different to Virid's personnel, no plants or system will be guaranteed, until rectifying the watering set up with Virid.

When on an ongoing maintenance plan only for the first year after the acquisition of a vertical garden, we guarantee all ornamental plants under the irrigation system. This means, that if we cannot rectify a problem related to natural vegetation and environment such as sucking pests (spider mite, Aphids, mealybugs), caterpillars and snails, over a certain period, we will replace old for new, however, in case of extreme temperatures (frosting or burning?)and vermin pests, VIRID will not guarantee any plants. This is subject to plants and installation managed by VIRID Vertical Gardens.

In the case of purchase of ongoing maintenance after the first year of installation of the vertical garden, ornamental plants will be guaranteed as per below:

10 plants per year for a small garden ( small Garden considered when a total of $7000 or less were spent in the Vertical Gardens with VIRID)

20 plants for a medium garden ( Medium garden considered when a total between $8000 and $22000 was spent in the Vertical Gardens with VIRID)

35 plants for a Large garden ( Large garden considered when a total of $23000 or more were spent in the Vertical Gardens with VIRID)

If you purchase different gardens, we will take into consideration the total of the invoices for the different gardens together (Large, medium, or small), for maintenance pricing.

Site access and delays

The Client shall be responsible for providing VIRID Vertical Gardens with safe, suitable & timely access to the site & work area, for material, personnel & equipment. Such access shall be clear & unimpeded. VIRID Vertical Gardens shall be entitled to reimbursement for all costs and expenses incurred, as a result of access or any delays in the progress of the works beyond its control.

In case of ongoing maintenance, if the garden installed is higher than 4 m, all expenses related to equipment such as lifts or scaffolding required to access the garden for maintenance shall be at the client's cost. 


The Client shall advise VIRID Vertical Gardens who has the authority to give directions or sign on its behalf. In the absence of written advice, VIRID Vertical Gardens shall be entitled to accept instructions from anyone whom it deems could reasonably be expected to have such authority. 

Professional Advice

Any information given by VIRID Vertical Garden is considered advisory only and VIRID Vertical Gardens will not take responsibility for it. (Advice based on the performance of our gardens before, however, due to changes in conditions in different places, this may vary.)

Responsibility for supervision

It shall be the Client’s responsibility to be available throughout the works, to answer queries, give directions and check VIRID Vertical Garden’s setup & levels to ensure the suitability of the works relative to its requirements.