Terms And Conditions

Refunds & Returns

VIRID Vertical Gardens does not accept refunds or returns for purchases unless there is a manufacturing defect or the item doesn’t match the description when purchased.

Postage & Freight

Shipping costs will be calculated based on location of the delivery and will show prior to purchase in the shopping cart. VIRID Vertical Garden takes no responsibility for damage to goods in transit. VIRID Vertical Gardens uses 3rd party postage & freight companies & takes all actions appropriate to ensure goods arrive at their end destination without such damage.


VIRID Vertical Gardens takes no responsibility for damage caused by negligent, Incorrect or Unsafe installation of VIRID Vertical Garden. VIRID Vertical Garden must be installed on a vertical surface that can safely hold the weight of the modules and Plants. Wall fixtures that we supply must be used and be fixed securely to hold the weight of filled modules.


All transactions are processed in Australian dollars.


Customer service means everything to us here at VIRID Vertical Gardens and we are confident you will be thrilled with the result of your purchase. Customers are responsible for their order unless the product is defective or an error has occurred filling the order. VIRID Vertical Gardens does not permit the exchange products upon acceptance of an order. We do cover warranty based on items below:

  • Pots: 7 years
  • Irrigation components, including pump: Based on the manufactures warranty which is 12 months.
  • VIRID Aluminium frames: 10 years (there is no warranty on the paint).