Introducing plants to hard surfaces like decks, balconies or courtyards, can visually soften the area, reduce reflective heat inside during summer and provide insulation during winter – without losing valuable space. Our high quality, patented vertical garden system is designed to last, which is why we offer a 10 year warranty. The VIRID System uses attractive aluminium, powder-coated, honeycomb panels which can double as a privacy screen, and also add height to walls or fences. We can customise vertical gardens for specific areas and uses, from Food Walls, or Succulent Vertical Gardens to Decorative Vertical Gardens with specific leaf colour variations and textures. Our modular system means that there is no end to possibilities. Even glass divisions on balcony’s can be covered with beautiful plants to create a soft plant environment over the glass.


    Vertical gardens add an extra layer of insulation to your home which cools down the interior temperature resulting in savings on your energy bills.


    Plants absorb pollutants and other harmful compounds, so a vertical garden works as a protective shield and gives you a pure environment to breathe in.


    Your vertical garden does not only absorb the air pollutants but also absorbs the excess noise, harsh weather and harmful UV rays.


    With our modular and scalable vertical garden system you can grow your green wall to block any undesirable views. 


    According to many studies plants are helpful in reducing the physical signs of stress and promote greater psychological well-being of people.


    Vertical gardening is the solution for small spaces. You can experiment by planting and growing different types of plants without worrying about space.

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