Plants for Vertical Garden

Our VIRID Greenhouse team carefully curate and grow a range of plants. Having the right plants for vertical garden is incredibly important, as some will survive better than others depending on where you install your vertical garden and how much care it needs. When you choose a custom VIRID Vertical Garden, you’ll have your choice of plants that come with it. Our experienced team can help you choose the plants that will fit your needs best, or provide advice as you choose your own. Visit our showroom today to talk to our team about plants for your vertical garden.

Organically Grown Plants

We grow our plants using organic methods and certified organic probiotics in our plant nursery in Heatherton. This ensures all our plants are in peak condition when we install your vertical garden and won’t bring any chemicals into your space.Each plant in our range is carefully selected depending on its inherent characteristics. It’s why we stock a variety of species and work hard to grow healthy plants that can withstand the harsh environments vertical gardens are often located in. If you’re placing your vertical garden in full sunlight, full-shade, wind, or live in an area with excessive heat or extreme cold, we can provide plants that will handle those conditions. Whatever plants you choose, you can be sure they will continue to grow and offer a great display whatever the environment.


A Wide Range of Plants Available

If you’re looking for a low maintenance option, our range of succulents can be used to create incredible vertical garden displays that are hardy and healthy. We also have a range of fresh organic vegetables and herbs ready to harvest for creating a vertical Food Wall. Vegetables and herbs are seasonal, meaning we will have different plants available throughout the year.

Swap A Pot Program

For our vertical food walls, we offer a pot swap program, replacing vegetable plants that have been consumed for a brand new, fully grown plant for just $10. For more information on this service, talk to our team today.

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