Indoor Vertical Garden

An indoor vertical garden can breathe life and energy into any space. Transform your living room, your kitchen, your office or store with a brilliant and vibrant plant wall and see the difference it can make for your home or business. VIRID Vertical Gardens can create a custom indoor garden for you, covering any wall with plants or even a free-standing garden that can be placed anywhere. Each one of our vertical gardens comes with your choice of plants, giving you a complete wall that looks great from the moment it’s installed. Contact us today for a free quote and consultation and let us design an indoor vertical garden that matches your space and needs.

Experts In Vertical Garden Design

VIRID’s indoor vertical gardens are the combined efforts of more than 50 years of experience in horticulture and vertical garden design. We’re experts at creating tailored vertical gardens that meet your needs for design and fit organically and seamlessly into your space. Our team creates gardens that fit into your commercial or residential space, bringing with them benefits like soundproofing, heat reduction, increased morale and even increased real estate value. Vertical gardens are so much more than a visual thing and are a great option for any home or business.

experts in vertical garden design

Fully Automated Irrigation System

Our fully automated irrigation system will water your plants for you, dripping water from a single irrigation line that runs across the top line of pots. The water then flows down to each plant via small drainage holes in the bottom of each pot to ensure maximum coverage and minimum water wastage. The design of the panels prevents water from spilling, and any runoff is collected in a tray at the bottom and can be fed back into the irrigation system. If your vertical garden is in proximity to water or electricity, we strongly recommend installing our irrigation system.

Organic, Healthy, Green Walls

organic healthy green walls

At VIRID we’ve worked hard to make sure each part of our VIRID vertical garden system is good for the environment, not harmful. Our panels are constructed out of lightweight, durable material, and powder coated to increase their durability. They’re guaranteed to last for years, and come with a 10-year warranty to back that up. Our pots are made of all recycled plastics, keeping plastic waste to an absolute minimum. And finally, all the plants we provide with our gardens are grown organically right here in Melbourne. We use no chemical fertilisers or pesticides, even for our vegetable plants, ensuring your family, visitors or team can enjoy the vertical garden without a negative health impact. In fact, our vertical gardens can even clear the air, improving air quality.

Maintenance for Indoor Vertical Gardens

If you’re looking to install a vertical garden in a commercial space or live a busy lifestyle, we offer regular maintenance services. While our systems can take care of themselves, your plants are a different story. They need special care from time to time, whether that’s trimming, fertilising or general plant care. Our team can conduct monthly maintenance to ensure your plants are at their healthiest all year round, and that your VIRID system is working perfectly. Ask our team about this service for more information.

maintenance for indoor vertical gardens