Green Wall System

When it comes to creating an engaging, living visual display, a green wall will give you stunning results. Cover your walls in brilliant green with a VIRID Green Wall System and bring life into any space, indoors or out. With a focus on function and design, VIRID create vertical gardens that are visually inspiring and eye-catching whilst improving any space, enhancing air quality, boosting enjoyment and happiness, and even acting as an acoustic panel. Talk to our team of vertical garden experts today and get a green wall for your home, office, business or anywhere else.

Why Choose a VIRID System?

Backed by more than 50 years in organics and vertical garden design, VIRID garden wall systems were created with the Australian environment in mind. Each one of our products is designed with care, making them durable and versatile for use wherever you want. With its unique and innovative honeycomb panelling they allow the creation of custom green walls, fitting your needs and space in the most effective way possible. If you’re looking to get a green wall system installed for your home, business or a public space, our team can design and install a custom system to meet your needs. Our team have years of experience creating intelligent green walls that fit your space and design needs. Contact our team today for a free consultation and let us design a system for you.

why choose a virid system

Intelligent Design Options

VIRID Green Walls are designed to fit the space you have and create a wall of plants that fills and covers a wall as much or as little as you want it to. Our trademark honeycomb panelling and pot attachment system allows us to rotate the panels in almost any direction and create unique installations for each and every space. Additionally, VIRID panels require very little preparation for installation, needing no waterproofing or water membrane installed. They can simply be attached to a wall or partition and if our irrigation system is installed, left to take care of themselves. If you’re looking for a low to no-maintenance green wall, choose a VIRID system.

Green Wall System Irrigation

green wall system irrigation

Each of our custom green wall systems comes with our VIRID irrigation system. This system is optional for succulent gardens and can also be custom made for DIY projects. All that’s required is a connection to water or electricity and the fully automated irrigation will take care of the rest. The irrigation system is contained within the garden with just one drip line across the top of the vertical garden allowing water to drip into each top row pot, moving down from pot to pot via small drainage holes. This means that every pot gets equally watered across the garden for optimal growth. Options are available where excess water runoff is recycled via a water holding tank and pumped back through the irrigation system. Talk to our team today for more information.