The VIRID vertical herb garden and vertical vegetable garden bring food production into smaller urban spaces such as balconies and courtyards, where growing your own food would not usually be possible. If you’re looking for a custom system, let the team at VIRID take care of it for you. We provide full-service design and installation, assessing your needs and creating a vertical food wall that fits you perfectly. Alternatively, for those who would prefer the more hands on approach, our DIY product range might be right for you. VIRID’s Food Walls are easy to use and install. Each of our vertical herb gardens and vegetable gardens comes with your choice of fresh and ready to harvest edibles, so you can start using it the day it’s delivered. Allow full use of your space by choosing a wall mounted system, or opt for more flexibility with a mobile herb and vegetable garden on wheels! Contact us today for a quote.


Food Walls by VIRID Vertical Gardens can be on wheels for convenient mobility, or mounted on the wall.We’ll help you create your own edible vertical garden complete with your choice of our fresh, organically grown vegetables & herbs ready to harvest NOW in your home.

Professional Design & Installation

At VIRID Vertical Gardens, we provide a Full Service Design & Installation Service which begins with a FREE no obligation measure and quote visit to your project site. Talk to us if you would prefer to explore this avenue. However, for those who are more hands-on and into DIY, we also sell our Signature VIRID System components individually so you can create your own stunning VIRID Vertical Garden.

Self-Contained Easy Irrigation System

Fully automated irrigation systems are available. Our simple system makes minimal maintenance food production in small spaces possible. This also ensures that your plants remain watered and healthy when you are away from home. The automated timer system is set to water your plants efficiently, wasting almost no water at all. These systems can be installed on any wall without needing a protective water membrane, and keep your plants happy all year round.Our irrigation system is an optional extra for our DIY vertical gardens, or included with a custom vertical herb garden or vertical vegetable garden. Talk to our team today for more information.

DIY Your Food Wall

DIY your own VIRID Vertical Garden Food Wall grown by organic methods can be on wheels or mounted on the wall. Purchase one from our online shop and start harvesting organic herbs and vegetables in your home!


Return your empty pod and we will replace it with another fully grown vegetable or herb ready to harvest for just $10!