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Freestanding Vertical Garden

VIRID’s freestanding vertical garden kit is the perfect solution for those looking for a flexible garden solution. Whether you’re looking for a living partition you can move around your home, or you need a temporary installation for an event, public space or corporate function, VIRID Vertical Gardens can create a tailored solution for you. With an innovative water-efficient design the VIRID freestanding vertical garden can go wherever you want it to easily. Choose our large freestanding frame, or opt for our smaller frame with built-in wheels for maximum flexibility. Contact the VIRID team today for a professional quote and consultation.

Green by Design

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the VIRID freestanding vertical garden system is designed with versatility and efficiency in mind. Its unique honeycomb panel design allows plants to be attached facing any direction, and the attached simple irrigation system both prevents water wastage and ensures plants can grow healthy without the need for chemical fertilisers or pesticides. It also prevents water from spilling, ensuring the system can be placed anywhere indoors or out without having to worry about water damage. Each of our panels comes with a 10-year warranty to guarantee your satisfaction. Learn more about the system here.

freestanding vertical gardens
freestanding vertical garden melbourne

Why Choose a Freestanding Garden

While a semi-permanent VIRID Vertical Garden will look impressive regardless of where it’s installed, a freestanding garden is a fantastic idea for anyone renting or needing the flexibility a movable garden provides. Create a vertical vegetable garden quickly and easily, moving it between indoor and outdoor kitchens to use it when you want to, and have it as decoration. They’re ideal for placing in the centre of a room, creating elegant and eye-catching partitions either at home, balcony or in public. VIRID can design and set up your vertical garden with plants on installation and delivery, leaving you to enjoy your garden as soon as it arrives. Alternatively, plan, design and plant your own with our easy to use plant pot system. A VIRID freestanding vertical garden will give you nearly limitless flexibility in how you use it.

While the vertical garden system itself is self-sustaining, plants do need special care from time to time. We offer on-going monthly maintenance services to keep your plants healthy and your VIRID system running efficiently. Alternatively, our experts can make a one-time visit to ensure your plants are healthy and thriving. Click here for more information.

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Hire a Vertical Garden

VIRID can supply a temporary vertical garden installation for residential use, event hire or commercial applications. Our team will supply the frame and plants, installing in the location of your choice that will impress guests, staff and customers alike. We also provide maintenance for extended hires, maintaining the plants and ensuring the irrigation system is working correctly. Talk to our team today about hiring a freestanding vertical garden and get a quote.

freestanding vertical gardens melbourne

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Contact the team at VIRID today for a free quote. Our team can assess your needs and provide you with an accurate price for a VIRID vertical garden system. We offer several kinds of vertical gardens, including succulent gardens and herb gardens. We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Contact us here.

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