VIRID Vertical Gardens Melbourne


At VIRID Vertical Gardens we bring the product, knowledge, design and plants, to transform the ambience and aesthetic of a commercial environment without compromising valuable space.

Our aim is to provide sustainable commercial environments in which people thrive. This can be inside or outside of the building, including:

  • Multi-residential apartment development projects
  • Retail shop fitouts
  • Foyers
  • Rooftops
  • Feature walls for open-planned offices, receptions, hotels, leisure & hospitality spaces
  • Vibrant public spaces
  • Freestanding dividers within office layouts

VIRID Vertical Gardens can provide unique solutions for your commercial project.

Our aluminium powder-coated honeycomb panels can be used to create unique vertical gardens to hide unsightly air-conditioning units, columns, pipes and pillars.



Moss Walls use dry lichen which is natural and sound-absorbent, making them ideal for office, residential and retail spaces for their acoustic properties.

The lichen is fire and antibacterial rated and comes in a range of colours and tones, offering a no-maintenance, indoor alternative to vertical gardens, which are safe near electrical equipment or when water access is unavailable.

Photos by MOSSwall®

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