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What We Do

We are passionate about improving your homes and commercial spaces with fresh, green and healthy plants.

We specialise in enhancing interior and exterior spaces, including courtyards, balconies, back yards, commercial projects, and public spaces, using our VIRID Vertical Garden System. We provide our customers with Decorative Vertical Gardens through to Food Walls, Succulent Vertical Gardens and Moss Walls. We also provide short and long term rental of our vertical garden stand-alone frames.

Winner of the 2018 Equinox Award for Most Innovative Product – recognised by architects & building suppliers


  • Multi-residential apartment development projects
  • Retail shop fitouts
  • Foyers
  • Rooftops
  • Feature walls for open-planned offices, receptions, hotels, leisure & hospitality spaces
  • Vibrant public spaces
  • Freestanding dividers within office spaces
  • Office balcony areas
  • Covering air conditioning units
  • Hiding columns, pipes & pillars


  • DIY products
  • Domestic packages
  • Custom made or prebuilt modular

Events | Hire & Rental

  • SHORT-TERM | Weekly to 3-months
  • LONG-TERM | Any period up to 24-months

How It Works

We Work With You 
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We work with you to make sure we provide a specialised personal service. Once we have agreed what is right for you, our skilled installation team will install the vertical garden and ensure all aspects of the garden are fully functional.

Our system is modular and scalable. From a small 5 pod home vegetable growing solution, to a full-scale commercial project – The VIRID System can adapt to meet your contemporary lifestyle or project requirements.

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Our Plants

We grow our plants using organic methods, and certified organic probiotics in our Cheltenham growing facility. This ensures a high-quality product, with extensive variety – which is free of chemical pesticides.

Each plant is carefully selected depending on its inherent characteristics. Therefore we stock a variety of species suitable to withstand the various harsh environments where vertical gardens are often located; i.e. tolerance of full sunlight, shade, wind, excessive heat, extreme cold and so on. This means total confidence from customers that the chosen plants will continue to grow and offer a great display whatever the environment.

We also grow a great range of fresh organic vegetables and herbs ready to harvest for your Food Wall.

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Vertical Garden Components

Components, depending on your application area and requirements:
  • Honeycomb panels (under patent)
  • Framing system (under patent)
  • Pods – vertical garden wall pots (under patent)
  • Organically grown plants – edible, decorative, succulents.
  • Irrigation line and drippers
  • Automated timer
  • Box gutter
  • Lighting (photosynthesis for indoor application)


  • 3,000m2 growing and manufacturing facility.
  • We grow up to 15,000 plants.
  • On-premises assembly, packaging and distribution.
  • Our investment in logistics ensures quality production, capacity and workflow.

Capacity / Scalability

10-Year Structural Guarantee

We offer full service design and installation for all our VIRID Vertical Gardens customers.

As part of our service, all professionally installed Vertical Garden’s by VIRID include a 10-year structural guarantee.

2-Months Complementary Maintenance

In addition to offering a 10-year structural guarantee, VIRID provides to all our customers, 2 months complimentary maintenance. *(When automatic irrigation systems are professionally installed).

Find out more about ongoing service and maintenance options.


We continue to invest in research and development that includes testing, tooling and putting our money back into improving what works.

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