Our signature honeycomb range is made with a powder-coated aluminium base that is light, rust-proof and fire-resistant. Designed to be modular & scalable, our living walls can withstand the elements and will look incredible for years with minimal maintenance.


    Our fully patented VIRID system is made here in Australia and can deliver vertical gardens that go beyond what is typically possible with living walls. The design allows plants to grow healthy and require very little preparation for installation, needing no waterproofing or water membrane installed.


    We provide the most affordable vertical garden maintenance service to ensure that your garden looks beautiful all year long and throughout the seasons.

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The VIRID Vertical Garden system is designed and manufactured here in Australia and safety rated to Australian standards. It’s unique aluminium powder-coated panels allow the VIRID Vertical Garden to withstand the elements of nature over time. With an automated drip irrigation system, you won't have to worry about your garden getting enough water. Wall gardens provide a soundproofing and privacy barrier in your home or office, or simply improve the look of a space. Our vertical gardens allow you to grow vertical herb and vegetable gardens near your kitchen or grill. Bring the concept of "freshly harvested" into small urban spaces and watch your cooking habits improve.

Commercial installations

Vertical gardens are a smart choice for commercial spaces of any size. A good way to make any business stand out in both beauty and environmental responsibility.

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Residential installations

Vertical gardens are an excellent way to improve your home. They add a beautiful and sophisticated splash of colour and texture. They improve the aesthetics of your home while also saving space and cleaning the air around you.

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vertical garden diy kits

Are you up for some DIY?

All our products are made to last, simple to install and easy to maintain.

why choose a virid vertical Garden

Why choose a VIRID Vertical Garden?

Most vertical gardens require a protective coating or membrane behind them to prevent moisture damage. VIRID Vertical Garden’s unique design allows them to be installed onto any material without additional work. Install it onto glass, on blue board, concrete or any other load-bearing wall easily. Our system can support as many or as few plants as you like. The attractive design of the honeycomb panel aesthetically blends into the background of the plant canopy cover, meaning you have the flexibility to choose how you would like to space your plants. Plants can be fitted tightly together to create the full coverage wall garden look, or you can allow more of the honeycomb design to be visible.

vertical garden is a great

A vertical garden is a great way to breathe life into a space, indoors or outdoors

With its innovative, water efficient design, VIRID Vertical Garden is the best place to start. Talk to our team today about a custom installation for your home or business, or create your own botanical masterpiece with our easy to use vertical garden DIY kits. We can professionally install wall gardens Melbourne-wide and deliver across Australia.

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Custom commercial and residential installations and maintenance

If you’re looking to create an impressive vertical garden display in your home or business, choose VIRID Vertical Gardens Melbourne. We can design, install and maintain your vertical garden, creating a unique statement piece that will impress guests, boost morale and draw attention, all while improving the environment.

While the vertical garden system itself is self-sustaining, plants do need special care from time to time. We offer on-going monthly maintenance services to keep your plants healthy and your VIRID system running efficiently. Alternatively, our experts can make a one-time visit to ensure your plants are healthy and thriving. Click here for more information.

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Vertical gardens are not only beautiful, space-saving, sustainable additions, but also help to improve the carbon footprint of a building by filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air. There is a huge range of benefits to having a vertical garden, such as soundproofing barriers, reducing urban heat, boosting employee morale, growing food (vegetables and herbs), increasing foot traffic in retail spaces, and increasing real estate value. If you’re thinking about installing one for your home or business, our experts will be happy to visit for a site assessment and provide you with a free no obligation quote for a system. Alternatively, order one of our DIY vertical garden kits online and get started today!

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  • "We love the green wall. The walk-in traffic to our shop has significantly increased. Our customers love to come breath fresh air and take some photos with the stunning Green Wall."

    - Mr. Squeeze

  • "Our experience with the team at VIRID has been wonderful from day one. They helped us come up with what we needed for the side of our house as well as a veg/herb garden in our courtyard. The end result is more than we could have hoped for."

    - Ataia - Google Review

  • "Amazing! I love my vertical garden. Completely transformed my boring fence and now my courtyard is a green oasis. The honeycomb design is great and a perfect selection of plants. Thank-you VIRID."

    - Kelly - Google Review

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