What makes VIRID unique

The founders of VIRID Vertical Gardens’ skills and experience collectively span 50 years in Organics and Vertical Garden design for the Australian environment. Our VIRID Vertical Garden system is designed and manufactured in Australia and safety rated to Australian standards.

Our unique honeycomb aluminium powder coated panels allow the VIRID Vertical Garden to withstand the elements of nature over time, and we also provide a 10 year guarantee on our panels and frames.

There is no need for a protective water membrane with a VIRID Vertical Garden, therefore the garden can be installed onto any material from glass and blue board through to concrete. The pot containing the plant holds the moisture allowing the water to move from pot to pot by way of a small hole in the bottom of each pot.

A VIRID Vertical Garden will give 92% water efficiency compared to regular gardens meaning the water use on a VIRID Vertical garden is very low.

The Biophilic Design of our honeycomb panel allows the structure to blend into the plant canopy cover of the Vertical Garden. The 10 mm clearance between the wall and frame allows air to flow through the garden to aid plant growth.

Our plants are organically grown and maintained using certified organic probiotics. We guarantee our plants and structure, and support our clients with on-going maintenance service options.

We see each garden as a work of art that allows the client to enjoy the VIRID Vertical Garden experience for years to come.


Vertical gardens are not only beautiful, space saving, sustainable additions, but also help to improve the carbon footprint of a building by filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air. There are a huge range of benefits to having a vertical garden, such as sound proofing barriers, reducing urban heat, boosting employee morale, growing food (vegetables and herbs), increasing foot traffic in retail spaces, and increasing real estate value.

The perfect solution for any vertical space...


Designed to be flexible and modular, allowing components to be in a different configuration.


We use organically certified probiotics on our plants and specialise in the biology of organic herbicides and fertilisers.

Edible or Decorative

Our edibles are grown organically, taste the fresh difference.

Fully Automated Irrigation

 We strongly recommend installing a fully automated watering system on  your vertical garden.

Improved Sustainability, Reduced Maintenance

Our system is soil-based, which substantially reduces maintenance.

Suitable for Outdoors or Indoors

Our system is suitable for both    indoor and outdoor applications.

10-Year Structural Guarantee

   As part of our service, all professionally installed Vertical Garden’s by VIRID include a 10-year structural guarantee.

2-months Complimentary Maintenance

   This guarantees our clients gardens will be successful and     will provide longevity. 

Swap a Pot

When finished with your edible,       you can swap a pot for a fresh       new edible for $10.

We Guarantee Our Plants

With a 12-month maintenance service plan, we guarantee all our plants.

* Terms and Conditions apply.



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